I Am New



We hope you will spend time with us in worship, in fellowship, in choir and handbells, in playing basketball and pickleball, in a Bible study or in a small group. You can learn more about the opportunities here on the website or by asking around at Northview UMC. Before and after worship services are great times to ask questions. If members don’t know the answers, they probably can introduce you to someone who will. Northview UMC is a community on a journey together, building relationships. We want to strengthen our relationships with God, with our community, and with each other. You will meet our church members helping out throughout the community–in schools, as Scout leaders, at the Rescue Mission, Community Outreach Project and with Elijah Backpacks, and through our Social Club Ministry. You will see families from throughout the community (who may be an alumni from NUMC Preschool) coming through our doors again and again for Saints Alive, M.A.D. Week, and Youth Group. And, you will also find our members reaching out and making connections in places like Marion (Va), New York, Haiti, and Costa Rica. At Northview UMC, we strive to be the kind of church that…

  • provides a warm welcome to everyone who comes through its doors.
  • believes that worship should awaken us to the presence of God and enable us to embrace the grace-filled love of God offered to us in Jesus Christ.
  • anchors our lives in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, worship, fellowship, and Bible
  • eagerly studies God‘s Word to let it shape our decisions, our relationships, our priorities,
  • rejoices with members in times of joy and comforts one another in times of crisis or loss.
  • celebrates the arts as vehicles of wisdom, wonder, insight, beauty, and self-discovery.
  • cherishes God‘s good earth and believes that it should be a safe and just place for all of
  • gives freely of our time, our gifts and our talents because God has so freely given to us.
  • knows no boundary to its service, serving the neighbor around the corner or the neighbor half-way around the globe.

If you would like to make Northview UMC your church home, please talk with the pastor. He can make arrangements to receive you into full membership by profession of faith or by membership transfer. If you would like to retain membership in your home church, he can arrange to receive you as a Associate or Affiliate member.

When you are here, you are FAMILY!