Samaritan Inn

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Samaritan Inn

(540) 343-1447

543 Salem Avenue

Roanoke, VA  24016



The Samaritan Inn provides lunch and noon-day worship service daily.

Volunteers and local religious congregations sponsor the facility.

Please remember Northview’s ongoing food ministry to the Samaritan Inn.

The first Sunday of each month is designated as Samaritan Inn Sunday. 

You are asked to bring dried food items and non-perishable foods.  Special request for items needed in preparation for the winter months are – sugar, cofffee, creamer, peanut butter, canned beans (pinto, navy, etc.).

Other needs – paper towels, toilet paper, 8 oz. Styrofoam cups, 9 inch Styrofoam plates, plastic ware.

Needs for people – sneakers, caps, white socks.

We especially need men’s pants, jeans and underwear sized 32 to 40, men’s belts, lightweight jackets and flannel shirts for layering, razors, combs, shave cream, trial size toothpaste, toothbrushes, and backpacks.  

Our contributions from the luncheon prior to Thanksgiving are donated as well.

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