Days For Girls



Days for Girls is an ongoing Outreach project of Northview.

If you would like to help in some way, there are many ways to do so.

This is a short video of the girls in Rwanda receiving the feminine hygiene kits that we made at our Days for Girls group at Northview.

Message from Grace Alexander, the grandmother of the young lady who is serving as a missionary in Rwanda –

Yes, these were made by your church.  Della Bryant picked them up for the ladies in Rwanda who live on an island with their children since the genocide.  My granddaughter, Kayla Beckner Wirt and her husband Sutton Wirt are from Botetourt and went to Rwanda as missionaries for the Orchard Hills Church two years ago.  They will be heading back in a couple of weeks with their eight month old daughter, Eleanor Keza Wirt.  As you can see from the video, the ladies were very excited to get your kits.  Kayla will be working with the Hands Producing Hope when she returns.  This group teaches the ladies to make jewelry.  They have also learned to make beautiful baskets out of the grasses.  This helps them provide for their children as the men are gone fishing for months at a time.  They recently graduated 50 women upon completion of primary education so they are very proud now to be able to write their name and help their children with their primary education.

Items needed on a regular basis are:

100% cotton fabric in prints (no animal, bug or cultural patterns)

100% cotton flannel in dark colors or patterns (no animal, bug or cultural patterns)

5/8″ grosgrain ribbon in dark colors, any color of thread

wash cloths (the inexpensive kind one can buy in a package of 8 or more somewhere like Wal-Mart)

Ziploc brand gallon-size, non-slider freezer bags.

Other needs:

spools of thread or pieces of fabric left from a project that meet the above suggestions

extra JoAnn Fabrics store coupons

Gift Cards from JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart

A Days for Girls donation box is in the narthex.

Questions? Contact-

Lynn Bryant at or 540-562-2155

Jean Broyles at or 540-580-7785