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Joyful Kids

A new children’s choir has come to Northview UMC – “Joyful Kids.”

We are excited to have Mary Simmons directing the choir which will meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month following the worship service for lunch and practice.

“Joyful Kidswill sing during the worship service on the 4th Sunday of each month. Mark your calendar for our next practice and performance. 

Family and siblings are welcome to stay for lunch. There will be a family activity space available during choir practice.

NOTE – Older videos are no longer on this page, but may be accessed from the church you tube page.  Click here.

June 17, 2018

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June 10, 2018

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June 3, 2018

Joyful Kids

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May 27, 2018

Joyful Kids

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May 20, 2018

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May 6, 2018

Children’s Message with Helen Watson

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April 29, 2018

Joyful Kids

Cares Chorus (David on Trumpet)

April 22, 2018

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April 15, 2018

Children’s Message with Pastor Doug

April 8, 2018

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April 1, 2018

Children’s Message with Pastor Doug