Northview Charter Members

This list contains all of the Charter members when Northview United Methodist Church was founded. 

Those that are still members have their names highlighted.

These members have memories of our Bethany  and Northview churches

and would love to share these memories with you.

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William Beheler     Catherine Bell     Ben Bell     Elmer L. Bishop     Telford W Boitnott

Mary Grace Boitnott     Irene Mitchell Bowles     Edith Brooks     Carleen Buford    

Edward Buford     Ernestine Burkholder     Nelson Burkholder     Margaret Camper

Sharon W. Cheatham     J. Woodrow Clark     L. C. Clayton     Delilah C. Copenhaver

Iva Cunningham     Roy Cunningham      Carrie M. Duncan     Mary Anderson Eaton    

Roscoe Eaton     Blanche Henry     John B. Hill     Nona Hill     Madalyn Johnson    

Wyoma Johnson     Ann Journell      Kenneth Journell     Weldon S. Lawrence

Weldon T. Lawrence     Doris Lawrence     Clifford Love     Ruth Pearl Love     Henry Lucas

Mabel Lucas     Geraldine McClammer     George McClammer     Edward McClammer    

Mary Ann McClammer     Blanche Mitchell     James M. Mitchell     Martha G. Murray    

Anna Nover     Martha S. Pendleton     Dewey Albert Pendleton     Linden Pendleton    

Helen B. Petty     Miller Elden Petty     Earl H. Rakes     Mary Lou Rakes    Barry Rakes

Thomas W. Richardson, Jr.     Sue Richardson     Thomas Richardson     Chester S. Taylor

Raymond Thomas     Annie Thomas     Lasca Tolbert     Mabel Tuck     Laurie H. Tuck, Jr.    

Beulah Turner     Jacob Francis Turner    Louise Turner     Cleatus Vaughn    

Helen Vaughan    Marian L. Walawski     Frances Wertz     Lewis Wertz

James Winborne     Luella Winborne     Harry Witt     Ida Witt